Hiking Trails Near Me

Hiking Trails Near Me

If you’re hiking for a long time you should know how it’s useful to hike on a daily or weekly basis, because hiking is good for both physical and mental health.

But if you’re a new hiker let me tell you what is waiting for you at the hiking trails near you that are shown in the map down below.

Top 5 Men’s Walking Shoes in 2019

Top 5 Walking Shoes For Men

Top 5 Men’s Walking Shoes in 2019

Today, walking and/or running is a key component of many men’s fitness lives.  Those of us who spend our days sitting at a computer often enjoy the opportunity to get up and stretch our legs, whether by walking or by running.

However, have you ever researched running shoes online or walked into a store and just been overwhelmed by the vast array of styles and choices?  I know that I have.  After many hours of research and talking with others, I have compiled a list of my top five picks for men’s walking shoes (not necessarily in any specific order).

1 – ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6


Best Walking Shoes in 2019

ASICS is a Japanese company specializing in athletic equipment, founded by Kihachiro Onitsuka.

Considered ideal for trails running, the ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 also provides versatility as users wear it for biking, hiking, and walking.

The rear foot gel cushioning provides comfort as the foot makes impact with the ground.

High abrasion rubber on the sole of the shoe gives the wearer assurance of great traction, no matter the type of ground underneath the feet.  For those requiring a medical orthotic, the sock liner is removable, providing room for inserting an orthotic.  Wearers of this show often comment on its strength, comfort, and versatility.

Key Aspects :-  Ideal for trail running, gel cushioning for comfort, superior traction, and versatility

2 – Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer


Best Walking Shoes in 2019

Nike is an American company founded by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight.

Designed for walking, jogging, and everyday life, the Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer provides cushioning and supports to keep the feet comfortable.  Constructed with a combination of synthetic and leather materials, the upper portion provides a stylish design while also maintaining durability and comfort.

Perforation vents allows ventilation for the feet, reducing foot odor and helping the feet stay cooler and more comfortable.  Users typically mention the comfort, quality, and reasonable price of these shoes.

Key Aspects :-  Ideal for walking, jogging, and everyday life; comfortable; lightweight cushioning; stylish design

3 – Sketchers Sport Men’s Stamina Nuovo Cutback Lace-Up Sneaker

Top 5 walking Shoes in 2019

Skechers, founded by Robert Greenberg, specializes in American lifestyle and performance footwear.

Considered an excellent cross training shoe, the Skechers Sport Stamina Nuovo also provides a high level of comfort with Air-Sole cushion units.  These cushion units and lightweight foam midsole offer 24-hour comfort throughout all aspects of life.

A combination of smooth nubuck leather and mesh creates a stylish and comfortable upper portion of the shoe.  The rubber outsole is flexible while providing excellent traction.  Users are typically impressed with its stylish design, comfort, support, and flexibility.

Key Aspects :-  Ideal for cross training, Air-Sole cushion units, lightweight foam midsole, and excellent traction

4- Rockport Men’s Chranson Walking Shoe


Top walking shoes in 2019

The Rockport Group is an American company founded by Saul L. Katz and his son, Bruce R. Katz, specializing in the manufacturing of footwear.

Ideal for walking, the Rockport Men’s Chranson Walking Shoe provides excellent traction and shock absorption, helping maintain strong, healthy feet.  The mesh lining keeps moisture away from the feet, allowing them to breathe.

Bio-mechanically designed soles provide support throughout the motions of walking.  Shock absorbing heel cushions and latex foot bed cushions reduce foot fatigue.  Typical comments of users include attractive design, comfortable and a quality product.

Key Aspects :- Ideal for walking, strong traction, cushioning for comfort, and bio-mechanically designed soles

5 – ACICS Men’s Gel Venture 5 Running Shoe


Walking Shoes in 2019

As mentioned earlier, founded by Kihachiro Onitsuka, ASICS is a Japanese company specializing in athletic equipment.

An excellent shoe for running on paths or any other abrasive terrain, the ASICS Men’s Gel Venture 5 running shoe’s design provides comfort during long hours of running.  A cushioning pad at the rear of the shoe supports the heel of the foot and the reinforced toe box provides protection from obstacles on the path.

Deep silicone grove out-soles enhance the jogger’s grip, making the shoe versatile in its usefulness across different terrains.  This shoe’s design makes it ideal for heavier joggers, as well as those with high toe arches.  Wearers typically comment on the shoe’s excellent traction when running up or downhill, protection from obstacles, and its attractive design.

Key Aspects :-  Ideal for running, cushion support, and traction for all terrain types

While a multitude of running shoes exist on the market, with new varieties added on almost a daily basis, these are my top five picks for a walking shoe.

Sit down, determine what you are looking for in a shoe, what you must have, and what is not necessary, and then decide which shoe best fits your needs.

How To Lose Weight Hiking

Can you lose weight by hiking? The article below is going to give you a solution to this question and give you the top tips on how to lose weight by hiking.

Find hiking trails near me

Hiking is an activity that involves going long walks across a country. Hiking is a very important activity because of health benefits, hiking helps in burning of calories in a body which results in a weight loss.

Therefore hiking is very essential to a person who needs to lose weight. Hiking is simple to everyone who needs to lose weight, this is because it requires someone to walk a longer distance faster and it can be done by people of all the ages starting from children to old aged people.

Below are some top tips to lose weight by hiking.

Tip#1 Walk more throughout the day.

The first tip of losing weight by hiking is by ensuring you walk more distance at least every day. Walking every day enables one to burn a lot of calories in a body. The calories are the ones responsible to gain weight and by burning them through hiking, you will have managed the first step to lose weight. here are some of the few ideas to get started, they ensure you walk when you feel stressed. this can help your mood and enable you to burn calories.

Ensure you use stairs instead of elevators when moving to a certain room in a store building. Prefer walking short distances rather than driving and much more.

Tip#2 Increase the intensity

Intensity refers to how hard one does the action. when hiking, walking slowly and faster are two different things. If you want to lose weight rapidly, ensure the intensity of walking is high, that is if its walking one should walk faster because one walking faster will burn more calories than the one walking slowly.

Research shows that by varying your speed during the workout can aid you to burn up top 20% more calories than when maintaining a steady pace.

Tip#3 Hit the hills

When walking uphill will enable one to lose more weight during hiking than when walking in a low lying area. Walking uphill can help you build muscles at the lower body and also assist in speeding the metabolism.

Therefore it is important to ensure that you access a walking trail at least two to three times per week that will assist you.One can also try staircase workouts and other exercises related to this type of exercises.

Tip#4 Use your arms

It is important to use your arms too when hiking because they help you in burning up to Approximately 10% of the calories. this can be achieved by ensuring when you are hiking you swing your arms too.

This can look somehow silly but it will assist you to reach your set goals of losing the weight. The perfect arm swings include bending the arms at 90 degrees, extending the arms behind your body as you can and raising the hand to a level of the chest. This assists you in losing weight.

Tip #5 Have a set goal.

The Set goals help one to keep on the track so as to achieve the required outcome. Here the required outcome is to lose weight through hiking and therefore having the set goals will motivate you so as not to forget whatever you are required to do at the a particular time.

Ensure the goals are approached in a safe way and not by over hiking. This is because when you do anything in excess it can be harmful to your health. also it is important when you want to lose weight to ensure you keep your calories consumption low as possible.

Therefore by considering the above tips, definitely you will get the best results when it comes to the question many people ask if ” Can you lose weight by hiking ? ”because you will have the correct answer for them.

What To Wear While Hiking Beginners Guide

What to wear while hiking

While hiking for the first time, you might have to consider some expert opinion when choosing what to wear, a lot of people go to nearest hiking trails to find peace and quiet, some others like artists and photographers go hiking for inspiration. Some others might go to get away from the stress of their daily lives.

Thus hiking has been taken as a means of unwinding. Hiking is also a means of exercising, expanding our horizon and relieving stress.

So most people go hiking every once in a while. While hiking, it is important to consider your clothes and footwear and choose the perfect ones suited for your journey, you don’t want to detest your hiking experience because you were dressed wrong and it made the journey difficult.

Here are some things you should put on when you go hiking

While there is no standard for choosing a hiking gear, you should not sacrifice your comfort for anything

You can wear gym clothes: gym clothes are an option only because they are very comfortable, you can easily hike in them without feeling your clothes getting in the way. You can wear your yoga pants.

you will need to choose a more conservative top. You should not attempt to wear a crop top because it won’t protect you from the cold and you will most likely have more than a few mosquito bites.

You are also advised to check the yoga pants for cotton tags if they are included, it is advisable to skip the pants as well and consider stretchy trousers. Cotton has been discovered to increase the risk of hypothermia.

And leggings will also do very little to protect your legs from some very determined mosquitoes.

A very comfortable pair of hiking shoes or hiking boots: this is very important as hiking is majorly about walking the terrain. You need to choose something you can walk in. Other types of footwear might hurt your foot. Deciding if to wear a shoe or a pair of boots will depend on the kind of terrain you might be hiking in.

A comfortable pair of trousers: some people hike in shorts, it is actually more comfortable for them(save for the mosquito part) but if it is your first time or you’re at a loss of what to wear, it is advisable that you choose a pair of hiking leggings or a stretch trouser, you need a pair of pants that are comfortable at the waist as climbing up a hill will be doing a lot of waists stretching. Pick something that doesn’t feel too tight so you don’t feel suffocated.

A cap: while choosing a cap, consider one that is very light so it doesn’t make you feel like you’re carrying some extra weight on your head. Also, choose something that covers your neck and ears. You might not get one that perfectly covers the ears but this will undoubtedly protect your parts from the sun if you cannot get a perfect headwear like this. It is advisable you use a very decent amount of sunscreen on all exposed parts.

Choose a stretchy top that isn’t too free, a long sleeve top preferably, this will protect your arms from mosquitoes and the unfavorable sun

Hiking socks: some people put on up to two, they soak up the sweat while you hike and protect your feet against bites from dangerous animals like snakes or scorpions. You can wear the thin socks first to soak up the sweat, then the thicker pair for dangerous bites, the thicker pair can easily be pulled up over your knee

Some of the things you need to include in your backpack are

A raincoat: you can easily put it on in case the rain starts suddenly, this can be packed in your backpack

Sunglasses: in case the sun suddenly gets too much for your eyes

Sunscreen: you might start to feel some slight sunburn as you hike, maybe on a body part you missed, you can easily take out your sunscreen and dab on some

Water: the importance of having a bottle of water with you cannot be overemphasized, once you get thirsty and you need to drink some water, you will be thankful you brought your bottle

Some snacks or food: food is optional while hiking but if you are going to be hiking a while, it helps to pack some food and snacks, I love taking a few decadent packs of chocolate and sweets. You can try some more healthy foods

A lip-gloss: the weather might be a little harsh, you can easily dab some on and you’re good to go

7. Tissue

A camera or phone: some people go hiking and prefer to leave their phones behind away from social media and technology but you will always find some views that are worth capturing and a good camera phone will do just fine

A backpack or rucksack: finally, you need a lightweight bag or rucksack to pack in all the extras you will be taking, a dark colored one preferably, you don’t want to draw too much attention with some flashy colored backpack. A dark colored one won’t get too dirty either

A small jotter and a pen: it is not news for inspiration to strike in the most unexpected of places, a note and a pen will help save your ideas, you don’t want to get back home and start cracking your brain for what crossed your mind while hiking

Wearing proper hiking clothes will make you able to enjoy the view around you as well as not get distracted from the troubles of uncomfortable hiking gears

How To Get Started With Hiking

how to get started with hiking

Alongside being a fantastic sport, hiking is a great bonding activity that you can do with friends and loved ones. The benefits of hiking go beyond the fun you enjoy by exploring the beauty of nature. Hiking is beneficial for both your mental and physical health. However, not all hikes are easy as they might sound, especially if you’ve never been into one before. You never know what might sweep you off as you step on the trails. Before setting out and joining a rank of campers for a three-day hike in the mountain peaks, it is good as a beginner to bear in mind some of the hiking basics.

How to get started with hiking

The first thing that often comes to the minds of most novice hikers is an oversized backpack. Hiking is much more than just throwing those few pieces of clothing in a bag and setting out on a journey into the woods. As a beginner, here are some of the things you should get right before you immerse yourself outdoors.

  • Start Simple, don’t be too ambitious

Level hikes near your home or a few distances away are good to get you started. Begin with short walks before advancing to rigorous hikes. Be careful not to overdo it, because you might get pissed off quickly. Besides, too much hiking at the start can lead to pain and injury. Decide in advance how long you’ll hike. Begin with a hike that lasts for less than a day. Remember that the amount of time, weather, distance, fitness level, and elevation gain will determine the hike you’ll pick.

  • Choose the right hiking route/trail

Although there are several hiking trails to choose, it is paramount to choose a route that meets your hiking level. A path that allows you to end your hike and get back home quickly is recommended. There is no need to prove you’re a hero this early. But again, how can you find an appropriate hiking trail? One of the best resources you can use to find a good hiking trail is Google Maps.

  • How to use Google Maps to find hiking trails

Google Maps feature a variety of ski and hiking trails to different destinations. To find the hiking trails around you, follow these steps.

•Open your browser like Safari or Chrome on your computer then choose Google Maps. Alternatively, if you’re using a smartphone device, choose Google Maps app.

•At the left side of Google Maps, there is a menu section written getting Around.’ Click on this menu and select the type of Menu you prefer. The maps featured are Satellite, Terrain, and Google Earth.

  • Choose the terrain’ section to see your local terrain.

•You can zoom in to see various trails around you. You can also choose the cycling’ section and check the available trails.
Google Maps not only shows the hiking trails around you but also enables you to save them for offline use. Remember that the Internet connection might not be reliable once you dive into the woods.
Websites and guidebooks can help you get the right statistics about the distance, elevation gain, hiking difficulty, water sources, and directions and many more.

  • Find a friend to accompany you

While hiking alone can give you a complete sense of freedom to explore nature, sometimes it is good if you can get a friend to accompany you for the trek. A friend can help you in case you encounter an emergency in the wild. If you can’t find a company, then choose short and popular hiking destinations. Before leaving, always let someone know where you’re going and for how long you’ll be away.

  • Pick the right hiking gear

The recommended hiking gear you should take include hiking boots, socks, backpack, flashlight, tent, and food. A tent can help you in case of bad weather. Canned food is ideal. Food that spoils quickly like those with gravy and sauces. Wet food can leak and spoil your bag. Boots should be comfortable and well-fitting. Finally, pick a backpack that is not heavy.

  • Finally

Hiking is a fun-filled activity. It is more enjoyable when planned for. As a beginner preparing to dive into hiking for the first time, there are a couple of things you can do to make your first hiking experience a memorable one. Start simple, pick the right hiking trails, choose appropriate gear and find a friend to accompany you.