How To Lose Weight Hiking

Can you lose weight by hiking? The article below is going to give you a solution to this question and give you the top tips on how to lose weight by hiking.

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Hiking is an activity that involves going long walks across a country. Hiking is a very important activity because of health benefits, hiking helps in burning of calories in a body which results in a weight loss.

Therefore hiking is very essential to a person who needs to lose weight. Hiking is simple to everyone who needs to lose weight, this is because it requires someone to walk a longer distance faster and it can be done by people of all the ages starting from children to old aged people.

Below are some top tips to lose weight by hiking.

Tip#1 Walk more throughout the day.

The first tip of losing weight by hiking is by ensuring you walk more distance at least every day. Walking every day enables one to burn a lot of calories in a body. The calories are the ones responsible to gain weight and by burning them through hiking, you will have managed the first step to lose weight. here are some of the few ideas to get started, they ensure you walk when you feel stressed. this can help your mood and enable you to burn calories.

Ensure you use stairs instead of elevators when moving to a certain room in a store building. Prefer walking short distances rather than driving and much more.

Tip#2 Increase the intensity

Intensity refers to how hard one does the action. when hiking, walking slowly and faster are two different things. If you want to lose weight rapidly, ensure the intensity of walking is high, that is if its walking one should walk faster because one walking faster will burn more calories than the one walking slowly.

Research shows that by varying your speed during the workout can aid you to burn up top 20% more calories than when maintaining a steady pace.

Tip#3 Hit the hills

When walking uphill will enable one to lose more weight during hiking than when walking in a low lying area. Walking uphill can help you build muscles at the lower body and also assist in speeding the metabolism.

Therefore it is important to ensure that you access a walking trail at least two to three times per week that will assist you.One can also try staircase workouts and other exercises related to this type of exercises.

Tip#4 Use your arms

It is important to use your arms too when hiking because they help you in burning up to Approximately 10% of the calories. this can be achieved by ensuring when you are hiking you swing your arms too.

This can look somehow silly but it will assist you to reach your set goals of losing the weight. The perfect arm swings include bending the arms at 90 degrees, extending the arms behind your body as you can and raising the hand to a level of the chest. This assists you in losing weight.

Tip #5 Have a set goal.

The Set goals help one to keep on the track so as to achieve the required outcome. Here the required outcome is to lose weight through hiking and therefore having the set goals will motivate you so as not to forget whatever you are required to do at the a particular time.

Ensure the goals are approached in a safe way and not by over hiking. This is because when you do anything in excess it can be harmful to your health. also it is important when you want to lose weight to ensure you keep your calories consumption low as possible.

Therefore by considering the above tips, definitely you will get the best results when it comes to the question many people ask if ” Can you lose weight by hiking ? ”because you will have the correct answer for them.

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